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Housing, Recreation & Dining at Converse College


The Heath Faculty and Adult Apartments at Twilight

        Residents students are housed in the newly built junior housing six-person suites in Fleming Hall on campus. Each

        student has a private bedroom and shares a bath with two others. All students under the age of 18 will have a 

        Resident Counselor living in the suite with them. At this time there are not any images available for the website.
will put them up as soon as they become available.


        The Residences have common areas as well as coin-operated laundry facilities. Students are asked to bring their own linens, pillows, and towels (a full list of necessary items to bring will be sent to you once your application is completed).

Lounge in Residence Hall

Adult chaperones background-checked and employed by CMOTH live with students and conduct nightly room checks

at curfew.  Chaperones also help students with their personal needs, such as doctor visits.

Recreation on Campus

View of the Quad

Students have access to a wide variety of recreation facilities on campus, including fields and courts

for impromptu games of Frisbee, soccer, volleyball and tennis, and with a nominal fee, access

to indoor gym and pool.


Gee Dining Hall

Resident students are provided three meals daily M-F with brunch and dinner on the weekend. Commuters are provided with lunch Monday through Friday each week as part of their tuition/fees.   All meals are served in Gee Dining Hall cafeteria-style with many options for those with special dietary needs.

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