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COVID 19 & CMOTH 2020

Dear CMOTH Community:

TODAY is April 16, 2020 and we have just announced that we are are cancelling this summer's cmoth programs.

First and foremost we send our love and best wishes out to each of you for your safety and well-being during this time of so much uncertainty.

In the interest of protecting everyone during this crisis and not knowing when we all can safely return to moving about, we finally made the difficult decision to cancel the CMOTH 2020 programs for this summer.

Any deposits, including the application fee, will be fully refunded and those of you who were accepted but hadn’t yet deposited, please rest assured that your acceptance for the future CMOTH goes without saying.

Stay safe, make music at home and please stay in touch. Let us know how you’re doing and we’ll look forward to seeing you next summer.


Sarah Johnson, Artistic Director

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